The power of 2019 … is coming soon!

2018-12-31 19:57:49

The power of 2019 … is coming soon!

We end 2018 with 3 new technical releases: GeneXus M Beta, the GX28 KB, and a new Sketch feature! It’s a brilliant ending for a year in which the GeneXus Community and the rise of Artificial Intelligence took center stage.

2018 was a year that stood out for innovations in IoT, autonomous vehicles and blockchain technologies. 

Throughout the world, the commitment to implement Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the industry has consolidated more than ever and we have been more than witnesses of all this…. We have been a driving force! 

As a Community, have expanded even more globally and, among other news, this year we released GeneXus 16, the most powerful version of our development platform. 

This year we launched the GeneXus Blog, which already provides more than 30 articles about the most relevant topics for the Community, such as the impact of AI on Digital Transformation and its implications, how to digitally transform in the business sector, specific cases applied to big companies and multiple examples.

The GeneXus Meeting GX28 The power of doing was a high point in this year that’s coming to an end. The usually massive event gathered about 4,000 attendees in person, and more than doubled its online audience: To date, GeneXus Meeting presentations have more than 100,000 views.

Also, in 2018 the GeneXus Community held the first GeneXus Meetings in China and Saudi Arabia. There, just like in Japan, Brazil, Chile, Australia and Argentina, the latest features and advantages of GeneXus 16 were introduced.

Recently, a national survey revealed that we’re one of the top 10 companies where university students (in Uruguay) would like to work. In addition, we received two awards from the Uruguayan Information Technology Association: GeneXus – Best Software Product and Best Exporting Company.

As if all this were not enough, we have even more good news to celebrate, including technical releases to start 2019 with the power of doing:

  • GeneXus M Beta:

GeneXus M, the much anticipated Beta version of the IDE, is already available! The purpose of GeneXus M is to create a light, multi-platform IDE for GeneXus which doesn’t need any additional software other than its operating system and the IDE itself to start developing. It is multi-platform because it runs on Linux, Mac OS and Windows.

  • GX28 KB:

The KB developed with GeneXus 16 includes all the objects used to develop the website, the iOS and Android applications, and the applications for Apple TV and Apple Watch. It provides examples of the features incorporated into GeneXus 16, GAM, Chatbots, AI, Push Notifications, Responsive Web Design, Stencils, User Controls 2.0, and much more. The objective is that the Community can collaborate with maintenance and new features.

  • Import from Sketch:

To obtain files from the interface design tool, we’ve incorporated Import from Sketch into GeneXus 16. It’s a new experimental feature that we encourage you to try!

Looking back at all we have achieved in 2018 and introducing these new tools for you to confidently start a new year, we ask ourselves: What else can we ask for? To continue to grow together with face-to-face or online communication and demonstrate the power to do things the way we’ve been doing them: through collaboration in the GeneXus Community.